DIY electronics constructions by APO33 collective

Build your own 9V audio amplifier with LM386

audio_ampli1.jpg audio_ampli2.jpg

build your own preamplified microphone

mic1.jpg mic2.jpg mic3.jpg

build your own oscillator based on NE555N

the basic board technik

osc1.jpg osc2.jpg

the insectoïd technik

osc3.jpg osc4.jpg

build your own FM transmitter

fm1.jpg fm2.jpg

build your own TV transmitter

the basic board technik

tv1.jpg tv2.jpg

the wood & pin technik

tv3.jpg tv4.jpg

build your own controllers

with a joystick :

joystick2.jpg joystick3.jpg

with a usb keyboard :

the basic technik

keyb1.jpg keyb2.jpg

find more possibilities in the keyboard

keyb3.jpg keyb4.jpg

build your own computer box

a cocotte hacked C3


we called it Nheu and he doing a great job as server… was the king of the modes!!


we called it the punk server, another good machine for the node!


a powerful machine with a water cooler for the proc & a renault12 radiator


more photos soon…