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Le Poulpe

Le poulpe (the octopus) is an analogical and digital organism living in a network. Each branch constitutes a sonic installation which, out of a specific location, collects its own locally generated sound effects, transforms them via a digital automaton into a new arrangement of sounds. The outcome is then broadcast locally, through loud speakers, and on the Net, through streaming. Le Poulpe belongs in the city, where people live and make noise. It gives a virtual body to this city, expressing through sounds its invisible mouvements and its continuous flows. Over the Net, its tentacles collect and connect continuous sonic fluxes from ever changing contexts, to infiltrate and modify another environment.

Autopiotic creatures Les Poulpes have been recomposing with sound from their various environments since: 2004 Nantes / 2005 Orleans / 2005 Tours / 2005 Bourges / 2006 Marseille – Les Poulpes can can be heard online: Listen Live

Le Poulpe installations are created by APO33 collective / Installation Design, PD programmation and automaton composition system by Julien Ottavi / Bash script by Jean-françois Rolez / Audio Installation by Emmanual Leduc / Audio Installation and Text by Sophie Gosselin