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Recording made with a loop of copper-wire to catch any of electro-magnetic activities around electricity, electronics and digital based devices.

Brussels (Belgium) Derive - December 2007

===== Eindhoven (Holland) Exploration 2010 ===== **by THENOISER (aka Julien Ottavi)** //In collaboration with Baltan Laboratories, Constant (Wendy Van Wynsberghe and Peter Westenberg), and the workshop participants (name to come)// {{opennoise:esr_2010.jpg|}}

Nantes (France) Exploration - November 2006

Nantes city

recordings made with Electromagnetic sensor in Nantes city - France

3 machines's studies - Sncf & tramway

Exploration in Nantes city without any mix, overdub or effects

Marseille (France) Derive - January 2007

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