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 +====== GOH LEE KWANG ======
 +Goh Lee Kwang show his musical interest back in the 90s, study musical
 +instrument, form bands and begin to writing music critic/ review/
 +essay. After millennium he begin to composed with computer software
 +and also to explore the non-tradisional instrument side of sound
 +making. He is one of the founder of Experimental Artists Co-op
 +Malaysia (EMACAM) in 2002.
 +Since 2001 he had released some DIY cdr and sell by himself, "​Unmotion
 +picture soundtrack",​ "​2001",​ "​ENCYCLOPEDIA",​ "PUNK GUITAR (selected
 +guitar work 1998-2002)",​ "Burn (backing music for a dance theater)",​
 +"Nerve Center"​ among others. Most of his early works turnout to became
 +the backing music for local dance performed and since 2002 he
 +performed live music with the well known Butoh dance group "Nyoba &
 +the Dancers (now known as Nyoba Dance +)".
 +In 2002 He produced the album "Nerve Center"​ and were selected by Max
 +Neuhaus (Sound artist from New York who began his artistic carrer back
 +in the 60s) for a grant/ fellowship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude
 +of Stuttgart to work and stay in Stuttgart, Germany for 15 months.
 +During he stay in Germany, the artist continue to experiment with
 +non-tradisional instrument, the result was the CD "​Internal Pleasures
 +- solo improvisation with stereo DJ mixer" release in august 2004 in
 +Germany, supporting the CD, GOH setup a concerts tour "​Europe
 +Pleasures Tour" covering 10 cities in Ireland, Germany, France and The
 +Neitherlands,​ performed in varius well known music/ sound festival in
 +Beside his cd release and live performed, GOH also work on video,
 +sound and visual installation,​ among his work were shown at "Look At
 +The Sound" Reka Art Space 2003, "​A.S.S.2004"​ Akademie Schloss Solitude
 +2004, "​Klangraum Festival"​ Kunstraum Stuttgart 2004, "Film Winter,
 +Media Im Raum" WKV Stuttgart 2005, "​D.I.Y."​ stDSPS, Rotterdam 2005.
 +Most of the documentation of his sound/ visual/ installation can be
 +found at http://​​gohleekwang/​installations.html
 +More info [[http://​​gohleekwang/​|here]]
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