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 ====== Exhibitions,​ Installations & others forms : ====== ====== Exhibitions,​ Installations & others forms : ======
 +===== It live on a farm  - 2017 =====
 +ground, flowers, plant, copper, zinc, 555 electronics diy circuits and piezo.
 +Feeding from the ground, a few sound structures are invading the gallery space to change our perception of the inner structure of each of the components that it makes up.
 +Sound is related to a time destination,​ though the journey is not always articulated as it fade away, the electronics survive on tiny batteries that die after one day, like an insect, the little changes in their song is related to how the acidity of the ground evolves during the day. The function of the plants in this process is essential, research on micro-evolutions is central, sound is represented as a process that exchanges with nature. Nurtured by water, the ground welcomes ions and becomes a resistance for the circuit, feeding the circuit with its little events.
 ===== Chaoslab ​ - Apo33 Collective - 2009/2017 ===== ===== Chaoslab ​ - Apo33 Collective - 2009/2017 =====
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 Blockhaus DY10, Plateforme Intermedia (Nantes) Blockhaus DY10, Plateforme Intermedia (Nantes)
-{{:​deathcomputer1.jpg?​500|}} +{{:​deathcomputer1.jpg?​600|}} 
 <​html>​ <​html>​
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 Plateforme Intermedia (Nantes), ongoing research Plateforme Intermedia (Nantes), ongoing research
 +===== Ghost Hunter - Julien Ottavi - 2012/2017 =====
 +GHOST HUNTER – feedback, microphones,​ amplification,​ speakers and space.
 +<iframe width="​660"​ height="​415"​ src="​https://​​embed/​G0hG98F4AI4"​ frameborder="​0"​ allow="​autoplay;​ encrypted-media"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe>​
 +For an undetermined duration, a quasi-living entity is seeking the subtle moments where the spectre stripped bare.
 +Through setting up of a fragile relation between the tension and its slackness, this time where sound disappears and is replaced by the deepest doubts, those coming from a slight anxiety pushed forward by micro-cracks in the non-human interpretation of a distant visual musique as the art of nothing.
 +The refusal of a reject or an error, if not dramatic, at least allegorical,​ the error of a machine for breaking off electronic rejects, a system of returning to the source in discussion with the invisible forms of a black box, non-space, new, revived and neutral of all previous life.
 +Is that true? How can it work when we look for something that does not exist a priori? How does this subtle form, this piece of non-living, become impregnated in us and create a mystery that we are trying resolve: that of its disappearance?​
 ===== E-wall - Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett - 2015/2016 ===== ===== E-wall - Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett - 2015/2016 =====
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