Babble Cartography

Series of posters connecting the city of Linz to the stream…


Jenny Pickett & Julien Ottavi** - Solar Return tested their new installation babble at Mountain river by Attersee lake in Austria, July 2021.

Hyrophonique recording Gerris Lacustris

Field recording made with Hydrophone in the lac Léon, side of the 100% protected natural reserve of Huchet in les Landes, France, August 2020

Seagulls and the sea

Field Recording made at St Quay Portrieux port - July 2020

Calanques - Mediterranean Sea

Hydrophone recordings made in the Mediterranean sea in August 2016. 32 min of clear sounds from Planctons and fishes with no other pollution. Signal is Cristal clear and the nature is very active

Frostrup - Danemark

Hydrophone recording made in a large pond in Frostrup Denmark - July 2015. You could hear frogs, water insects and long pond herbs moving.

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