Bed&Hearts 2008

Site specific sound piece (Bed frame, ultrasound recordings, electronics)

“The Bed” for the majority of us homosapiens is, in one form or another, the place where life is created and where life is brought to an end. Indeed, many of us will spend at least half our lives there. “The Bed” a place of so much human activity and seemingly inactivity, where imagination gives birth to new ideas, dreams solve unanswered questions, the territory of both beautiful and deadly passions. “The Bed” is witness to the raw desires an hidden dramas of the ongoing human dramas.

Exploring the interior dimension of the bed's sonic space, it's reverberations with the flesh and metal pulses of the object and it's inhabitants. The work was commissioned by Pure Presence for the exhibition “ Hearing Ghosts” at La Maison Rouge in Paris.

image credit : Marc Domage

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