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NoiZMutation edition

NoiZMutation is a new collection of projects surrounding THENOISER (aka Julien Ottavi)’s work and collaborations. It is a constellation of relations and projects that aim to develop sound art, noise and audio/video creation which focus on various different problematics; From sound as practice and social relation between individuals or groups of people; as practice that investigates and questions space and architecture, the body, in addition to the everyday and language or aural linguistic forms.

Micro-editions, NoiZMutation is an independent distribution & sub-label for the purpose of self production practices. As a Do It Yourself (DIY) and copyleft label, pieces produced on NoiZMutation will be available to download. NoiZMutation aims to increase availability of different approaches of sound creation, including those practices based within theoretical or themic areanas. NoiZMutation sees sound as an unlimited practice that also encompasses and is open to various forms of visual interrogation, body performance, poetry, language and digital art in general.

As a medium sound incorporates a multitude of connections amongst the arts and is interdisciplinary by its very nature. On NoiZMutation sound, its occurrence is seen as a multiple and transitary form embodies a potential that can never be limited to one point of view or aspect. This leads NoiZMutation to includes broader approaches to sound production other than simply an aesthetic devoid of all other inputs. Thus NoiZMutation aims to capture; sound as potential of micro-transformation; as molecular disruption; as chaos and dissonance; and as an extreme deconstruction and/or dissemination in both habitual social environments and across neighbouring artistic practices.

Sound includes a psychoanalytical enquirery in its relations to memories and pre-natal experiences. Whether desired or not, sound embodies magnetic and repellant reactions to the unconscious, to love and to hate. Sound can produce intense emotions, adrenalin and addictive states. Beyond this, NoiZMutation aims to carve a path for our own listening pleasure, shaping a space where thinking, exchange and the potential for magical mutations and/or provocative sensations to take place.

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