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About HOMESoundscapes

A kitchen could be perceived as sub sonic phenomena of meta-cooking; the fridge, a micro-orchestra or the oven as a desert-powered sun playing micro-tonal explosions. Social activities producing sound and linguistic interactions, the audio paintings of our family relationships or the mimic of the mundane everyday becoming colourful speeches.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been influenced by their own everyday-lives and environment. HOMESoundscapes is a series that aims to interrogate the boundaries of this personal habitat. Artists are asked to develop a sound pieces based on the notion of their personal habitat/habitus and open up the discussion on how the home and the everyday is percieved from this sonic viewpoint. HOMESoundscapes is interested in questions surrounding personal sonic constructs of the home environment.

For example:

How does you personal environment influences you? How does sound occurs in it? Is it sound you hear or a conceptual perception of possible sound? How do you understand the soundscape and sonic activity produced in your environment? Does the soundscape of your personal space influence your creative output or your vision/perception of life?




Infinite limited space : wall, door, windows-screens from which to observe on your own. Protection. Infinite of mental sapce, resting of the body, shaking of the spirit. Domestic fantasies, free of real, of others. Sound acoustic limit of privacy, TV, radio, Deleuze ritornello. The house-museum, put the pads before entering. My Library, the image of my knowledge from which the visitor approches me, scans me, realizes a mediated image. Being filmed in front of his books. Screen, oblivion from receiver, to station, stay. Seen from the street, yellow light, heat, rest homes. Many enters, few leaves. (Seen on the day of removal). more text :

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USB KEY – 15€ (included 3 released : JULIEN OTTAVI / RYAN JORDAN / PHILIPPE ROUX)

CDR – 10€ (limited edition)

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