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Jail, house of pleasure, complex machine interaction, micro-organic farm, receptacle of the spirits, embodiment of mysterious beings, the body, the corpse (as a corps) is our first point of reference in relation & mediation towards this world. In these relations we find all those beings, we are every part of ourselves, we are joy and suffering, we are the micro-life that “grouille/fourmille” in us, we are the shouting, singing, corporeal complaining, breathing, movement and rhythms of the heart. We are the input and output of innumerable sensations and relationships to our surrounding micro-activities. Welcoming and ingesting food, liquids, drugs, smells, sounds, vibrations, gases, electromagnetic emissions, speech and moreover languages in general. We emit our dejections, ideas and thoughts, smells, sounds, heat and our embelished beings. All of this an incarnate beautiful, strong, delicate and violent explosionsof inter-relational politics between the body and our world.

With SONICorpse is an exploration of the body through sound, we ask artist to address, extend and interrogate the questions of:

How we see the body?

How we live it?

How sound translates the intimate and under perceived sensations of the self?

Can new insights and understandings appear from a sonic investigation of the body?

Tags: beings, body, corpse, micro-organic, movement, relation, self, sonic, spirits, violent




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