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Goh Lee Kwang show his musical interest back in the 90s, study musical instrument, form bands and begin to writing music critic/ review/ essay. After millennium he begin to composed with computer software and also to explore the non-tradisional instrument side of sound making. He is one of the founder of Experimental Artists Co-op Malaysia (EMACAM) in 2002.

Since 2001 he had released some DIY cdr and sell by himself, “Unmotion picture soundtrack”, “2001”, “ENCYCLOPEDIA”, “PUNK GUITAR (selected guitar work 1998-2002)”, “Burn (backing music for a dance theater)”, “Nerve Center” among others. Most of his early works turnout to became the backing music for local dance performed and since 2002 he performed live music with the well known Butoh dance group “Nyoba & the Dancers (now known as Nyoba Dance +)”.

In 2002 He produced the album “Nerve Center” and were selected by Max Neuhaus (Sound artist from New York who began his artistic carrer back in the 60s) for a grant/ fellowship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude of Stuttgart to work and stay in Stuttgart, Germany for 15 months.

During he stay in Germany, the artist continue to experiment with non-tradisional instrument, the result was the CD “Internal Pleasures - solo improvisation with stereo DJ mixer” release in august 2004 in Germany, supporting the CD, GOH setup a concerts tour “Europe Pleasures Tour” covering 10 cities in Ireland, Germany, France and The Neitherlands, performed in varius well known music/ sound festival in Europe.

Beside his cd release and live performed, GOH also work on video, sound and visual installation, among his work were shown at “Look At The Sound” Reka Art Space 2003, “A.S.S.2004” Akademie Schloss Solitude 2004, “Klangraum Festival” Kunstraum Stuttgart 2004, “Film Winter, Media Im Raum” WKV Stuttgart 2005, “D.I.Y.” stDSPS, Rotterdam 2005. Most of the documentation of his sound/ visual/ installation can be found at

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