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artist name :

Helmut Schäefer


title of the pieces :

- Isolated irritation

- Transformed view (with Karl Jensac)

- Spinning mind


duration :

- 1 = 35.37 min - 2 = 18.59 min - 3 = 23.08 min - 4 = 23.26 min - 5 = 20.49 min - 6 = 7.36 min

licence :

do you agree with a copyleft licence as Creative Commons : yes

a text to present your work :

The Discourse which underlies my musical projects is given in the fact of the difficulty of plumbing and/or the definition of the own position within the world society and its developpment. Analysis related to knowledge conditions and its actually taking place use is carried out. In the midst of the ambalance of population of world in reference to its differentiated opinion - articulation form to the number of world political weighty persons one starts sliding direction economic centralism, cuts in social services and restricted democracy. Noticed impressions are transformed into musically association. The association begins with the selection and the first treatment of sound fragments. Fragments developp from digital transformation of pictorial material, abstraction of spoken word and frequency-specific reflection of the personnal inner. At the same time to the developpement of the sounds the programm-native developpement of the electronic instrument takes place. The particularly created software related cpu control i connection with the possibility of actual improved influencing control on the digital sound reproduction and its real time treatment creates the possibility for the musical verbalising of the own aspect. Physicalness, subtle cutting up, brief silence, extreme spatialness get used as a part of the musically form of expression.

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