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artist name :

Roel Meelkop

title of the piece :


duration :

excerpt 13min. 11sec Live at Las Palmas : 73 min. 47 sec

licence :

do you agree with a copyleft licence as Creative Commons : yes, the commercial one

a text to present your work :

Haramu was composed for a theatrical dance/movement performance in a shifting space. The choreography was concieved by Sato Endo, the space by Kim Zieschang, performers were Sato Endo, Kim Zieschang, Gigi Lopez and Tawny Anderson. The music was an integral part of the performance which also included live sound & voice manipulations. The intention of the performance was to create a spatial situation in which people would find themselves somehow lost in transition (there was no stage or tribune, except for a specific part of the performance). During the performance however through the action of the performers, the audience would be brought together again. the piece was performed in Las Palmas, Rotterdam, may 2003.

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