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trees & plants recordings

Amplification of trees & plants activities, most of the times shaked by the wind, or micro-electrical life within the plants. Structures, volume and material of the wood internal forces of the branchs, leaves granulation flying around on the tree.

Listen closely. The very core, the inner structure of these magnificent aging trees is amplified right through to their twiggy fingertips on which we have attached a contact mic. When listening to these trees it feels almost as if we are gaining access to a thousand secrets and hidden stories communicated through the chattering of leaves and the deep throaty groans of their great wooded trunks - we are glimpsing a language yet to be translated, but even without understanding what is spoken, it seems clear that this tongue hosts a formidable living and ancient knowledge, wisdom and tranquility. Hearing, listening to the trees, it is easy to imagine how stories, such as Enid Blighton's “The Magic Far Away Tree” and “The Enchanted Wood”, are not just the product of childhood fantasy but hold within them something more than a grain of truth. The Trees are chattering we need only hear them.

Frostrup - Danemark July 2015

Fieldhead - Norfolk / UK 2008

Lime tree

Field Mapple




Cypressus Leylandii

Pampas Grass

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