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 **all informations on it avalaible** [[http://​​cia/​doku.php#​le_goo_grand_orchestre_d_ordinateurs|here]] **all informations on it avalaible** [[http://​​cia/​doku.php#​le_goo_grand_orchestre_d_ordinateurs|here]]
 +<!-- Image Map Generated by http://​​ -->
 +<img src="​_MG_2143.JPG"​ usemap="#​image-map">​
 +<map name="​image-map">​
 +    <area target="​_parent"​ alt="​the main one" title="​the main one" href="​http://​"​ coords="​1883,​1788,​653"​ shape="​circle">​
 +    <area target="​_parent"​ alt="​thenoiser one" title="​thenoiser one" href="​http://​​noise"​ coords="​4329,​1967,​514"​ shape="​circle">​
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